Fratelli Fresh: A Modern Italian Love Story

Fratelli Fresh: A Modern Italian Love Story

No love is truer than that between a girl and Italian food; except for the time I was introduced to Fratelli Fresh.

Not long after landing in Sydney, our AirBnB host told us that across from our cute studio apartment in Potts Point, we would find some of Sydney’s best pasta. Every Italian restaurant boasts the best something so I’d be lying if i said I wasn’t 100% sold on this ‘best of the best’ recommendation. Wrong!

Fratelli Fresh, Potts Point greets you with a beautiful, rustic selection of produce, breads, nuts, canned goods, and marinated/pickled products. We walked through the restaurant and took in all the incredible aromas. Wait staff greeted us and we were taken right back to the cobbled squares of Rome.

A quick look at the menu and we were sold; despite high quality and fresh pastas, the restaurant offers a $35pp three course meal deal, which offers each person to select an entree, main, and dessert. I opted for arancini balls, spaghetti with lemon, chilli and basil, and pistachio gelato. Daniel choose calamari fritte, a lamb ragyu penne, and tiramisu.

Fratelli Fresh Potts Point Arancini Balls
Fratelli Fresh served up melt-in-your-mouth arancini balls paired with generous cheese sprinkles, sauce, and lemon.

We tried to pace ourselves. We really did. The entrees were too good for that level of self-control though. Not long after polishing our plates, our waiter brought over the generous mains. It sounds cliche, but the simplicity of the dishes, paired with the fresh ingredients and quality cooking took me back to four months away in Europe, which was more a tour of pizza and pasta around the continent than sightseeing, if I’m honest. Daniel’s saucy plate could soon pass as a brand new one, and I fought through a full stomach to get through as much pasta as possible; how often do you actually get served food that goes beyond the raving reviews?

Delicious pasta served up at Fratelli Fresh, Potts Point
Delicious pasta served up at Fratelli Fresh, Potts Point

While delicious, the lemon in my spaghetti became overpowering very quickly; which meant by the end of the dish, I was starting to get over the taste a bit; however, my saviors were sparkling water and a beautiful Sydney day.

I am a firm believer that the most important meal of the day is dessert, and am even more an advocate when paired with coffee. The pistachio gelato checked all the boxes, but it as the tiramisu served in a coffee mug that stole the show. A generous layer of coffee powder covered the dessert top, making it look like a real coffee. Perfect for coffee aficionados, the coffee topping packs a punch and gets your attention. As you make your way through the mug, you’ll find layers of sponge, and the creamiest of creams. I’d be lying if I said i didn’t steal half of this dessert too.

A personal winner for the day was the tiramisu served in a coffee mug. Fratelli Fresh, Potts Point
A personal winner for the day was the tiramisu served in a coffee mug.

Overall, our experience at Fratelli Fresh, Potts Point was a memorable one that we’ll definitely be re-living the next trip down. The restaurant lives up to its name; between the fresh food, great flavours, friendly staff, and adorable store set up, this is a place you want to be. If you haven’t visited your local store, it’s worth a try.

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