2018: A Life Update

2018: A Life Update

In typical New Years Resolution style, I set some goals to celebrate another 365 days around the sun then put them to the side and continued to live my life as if it never happened. This year was a big one, with so many things happening (hello, wedding!) so luckily for me, I guess I’m on track to achieving some of these goals anyway. Let’s reflect!

Lose weight and get fit

Exercising more and losing weight are THE most common New Years Resolutions set, with about 38 per cent of people in 2017 having these as their goals. Some of us wish on a coin and throw it away, and others actually sign up to the gym and stop eating junk, so what did I do? Probably a good mixture of both. I would say that I’ve definitely had some wins in this space since the start of the year, including:

  1. My arms are starting to lose some of the jiggly fat finally!
  2. Daniel and I were relatively consistent throughout most of the year, where compared to last, our entire Winter was a write-off
  3. SO much stronger! I squatted 110kg this year, deadlifted 120kg and have been benching 60kg, all of which I’m really happy about.

There’s still room to grow (or shrink?) but I’m really proud of this progress, and look forward to building on it and getting even better outcomes to report on.

Plan Europe

I mean, this isn’t really a drag of a goal to try to achieve. If anything, I think I had this one in the bag a few months into the year! This goal will probably derail the first by a few months, but I am totally okay with that. All flights and accommodation are booked, with a combination of luxe hotels and super sweet AirBnbs. We have also booked in prime real estate at Rome’s Aromas Restaurant. Reserving our table almost three month’s in advance, the staff there have already been super helpful, and have secured this exact table for us when we arrive.

I may have sent this photo in my reservation email. But if you don’t ask you won’t receive, right?

Get Married

This was a big one! In officially one month and 22 days, Daniel and I will be a married couple, celebrating with our family and friends (roughly 146 of them). Planning our wedding has been so much fun and aside from a few moments of weakness, has not been as stressful as we anticipating going into it, especially with the size of guest-list that we do have. I cannot wait to share all the photos and videos from the day, because it will be STUNNING.


New goal… post more!

Goals don’t have to be set on the 1st January, right? So starting Today, my new goal is to post on here more frequently. At the moment, my measurable goal is once a week. Posts will range from lifestyle and blogging, to makeup, food, and reviews, and I cannot wait to get started. Until next time!

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