5 course degustation dinner with ben ungermann

Dinner with Ben Ungermann

Let’s start this off with me stating that I love, love, LOVE Masterchef. I love the challenges, and the food drama. Most of all, I love how each contestant has their own ‘thing’. By this, I mean the self-taught mama cook, or the adventurous up-and-comer, or the traveler that picked up recipes along the way. Ben Ungermann, runner up of series nine, was labelled as the creative cook who mixed unique flavours to end up with crazy concoctions that just worked.

Ben’s limited-ticket degustation was all about carrots. I’m a picky vegetarian, so this was music to my ears, and excitement to my tastebuds. The intimate evening was a great introduction to Ben beyond the screen. He started each course with detail around the dish, walking us through each element. This was a great touch, as his unique plating left some elements unrecognisable. I mean, carrot powder? Who would have thought!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why am I even trying to explain it? Just scroll through…

  • Creamy carrot soup with mixed vegetables, microgreens, and blue cheese
  • Carrot Bloody Mary
  • Homemade hummus with feta, honey carrots and thyme, served with carrot leaf pesto
  • Sweet prawns (i got mushrooms!) marinated in carrot juice, with a chilli carrot puree, pickled carrots and baby carrots in orange juice
  • Carrot cake ice cream with carrot cake, walnut praline, carrot syrup, and salted carrot with carrot powder

We stuck around after to pick up some lavender ice cream to take home and had a chat with Mr Ungermann himself about his jetsetting ways, the family business, and cooking internationally.

All in all, it was a unique, and delicious evening. If you ever get the opportunity to do something similar, I highly recommend it!

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