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Barcelona: Beautiful, Brilliant, and Bright

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There, I said it. It’s a big statement to make, but then again, Barcelona is all about big statements. A lot of that can be credited to Antoni Gaudi, who designed some of the city’s most recognisable, and unique, attractions. The became obsessed with Gaudi’s Barcelona the first time I visited. When coming back for my honeymoon, it became so important to me that Daniel fall in love with Barcelona as much as I had.


Paris: Our Honeymoon in the City of Love and Lights

Paris is served best with frost in the air and gray in the sky. Well, I think so anyway. There’s something about being rugged up, snuggling with your loved one, eating cheese and drinking wine. Paris was the last stop on our honeymoon, and ended our trip on a high.

Come Away with Me Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Come Away With Me: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

They often say that you shouldn’t be proud of things you did not control or contribute to, such as your nationality. Here I am though, beaming with pride of being from a place as beautiful as Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Maybe it’s the natural beauty and landscape, the crisp air that’s unique only to that place, or the hearty and tasty food. Maybe it’s history of it all that smacks you right in the face at every turn. Mostar is a simple place that is so unapologetically all these things, and with another visit booked for a couple months time, its hard not to daydream about how great it is.

Holi Festival Jaipur

Holi Moly! Celebrating Holi Festival in Jaipur

Last year, Daniel and I started planning a one month trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, and just before booking it, made a split decision to go to India instead. I like to think that split decision was fate or something like it, pulling us to what was one of the most incredible trips we could have gone on. Even more exciting than going on a holiday was realising Holi Festival was in March; exactly when we planned on going. Could the stars align any more?